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Is your company or organization seeking a means to reach thousands of architects and design professionals or looking to promote your offerings to a large group of professionals?  Sponsoring AIA Cleveland with one of the many partnership opportunities is a rewarding way to identify your company with design excellence and make contact with countless AIA members. This page highlights one of several AIA Cleveland sponsors who help to make each year a success!

Teri Burich | Sales Representative
Dan Binford & Associates
PH: 440-622-4317

For over 35 years, Skyline Design has continually redefined patterned glass, to transform the way light enters the built environment. Utilizing low-VOC paints and finishes and a variety of sustainable practices that optimize energy and water use, transportation resources and reduce waste,Skyline Design offers an unlimited combination of design applications that willindividualize an interior or exterior glass installation.

Our advanced application techniques (etching, texture, lamination, digital printing, and back-painting) offer a variety of effects, which can be used for light transmitting areas or opaque wall applications. Translucency may be adjusted to meet privacy needs. Each glass panel can be created from a unique piece of artwork and tailored to the architect or designer's specifications.

Skyline Design's newest technique, Ceramic Frit Digital Printing, uses ceramic frit inks that are fused into the glass during the tempering process in our Chicago factory, creating vivid designs. The inks also add functional aspects that provide solar control, light diffusion. In addition to printing full color digital imagery and patterns, Skyline Design has developed a technology to print smooth, durable gradients directly onto the glass. 

Skyline Design partners with leading architects, artists, and designers to redefine patterned glass in architecture. These intimate collaborations result in products that enhance color, luminosity, movement, and privacy in built interiors. Whether adapted from a broad range of available standard options, or created from original client artwork, our skilled staff works closely with the specifier to ensure customer satisfaction and a final product of the highest integrity.

All products are manufactured in Chicago, Illinois and shipped worldwide.