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AIA Cleveland is pleased to offer it's Mentorship Program. The desire expressed was to provide a forum for advocacy for personal and professional development of an individual, without fear or favor or the constraints of a direct work supervisor.


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AIA Cleveland is pleased to offer its CLEVELAND CONNECT mentorship program, which connects Architects and Associates to leaders and designers from the architectural community. The program offers members the ability to learn from experienced professionals by:

  • Providing a framework for personal and professional development throughout an architect’s career.

  • Supplementing the tools for emerging professionals to comprehensively complete the requirements for licensure.

  • Strengthening the profession of architecture.


The CLEVELAND CONNECT program will develop a culture of mentoring within AIA Cleveland, and provide guidance, encouragement, and nurturing for members to excel and grow in all aspects of the profession.


The CLEVELAND CONNECT program is open to all AIA Cleveland members.  Members in good standing are eligible to participate, and can sign up at any time in their career.  There are two opportunities to participate in Mentorship Mixers.  These usually occur in January and June, and provides protégés and mentors a casual setting to meet for the first time. 

Protégés and mentors will be paired based upon their overall compatibility, and the areas of growth identified on the online application. 


If you are interested in establishing a relationship with a mentor, or if you are someone who enjoys assisting others in reaching their potential through guidance and encouragement, please follow the links below for the Protégé and Mentor applications.

In addition, you’ll find links to the Mentor/Protégé Guidelines, FAQ Page, and Mentor Catalogue. 


Questions? Visit the FAQ Page or email the Cleveland Connect Facilitators:
Ray Minotas, AIA
Megan Haftl, AIA
Patty Lampert